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Last updated: 03 October, 2007 - Published 15:26 GMT
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Tamils 'entitled to' international help
Relatives of the dissapeared protesting in Colombo
Hudreds of Tamils have dissapeared and Thousands more made homeless as the violence escalated since August, last year

The Tamil community is entitled to the same right to be protected from state terrorism if Sri lanka is entitled to seek international help to defeat LTTE terrorism, a Tamil parliamentarian said.

Mano Ganeshan, the leader of the Western People Front (WPF) said the Tamil community in Sri Lanka need international help to protect their lives as government of accused of many abductions and disappearances.

 If they have a right to seek international help to defeat LTTE terrorism, we also have the same right to protect Tamils' lives from state terrorism
Mano Ganeshan

The parliamentarian was referring to Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna's (JVP) objections to the visit by Manfred Nowak, UN rapporteur on Torture.

JVP parliamentarian Vijitha Herath told BBC Sandeshaya on Tuesday that Nowak should visit Iraq and many other countries before visiting Sri Lanka.

No country would survive in isolation in the current world, parliamentarian Mano Ganeshan said.

In a meeting with the US ambassador in Colombo, the JVP parliamentary group leader Wimal Weerawansa has reportedly requested US help to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Wimal Weerawansa meeting US ambassador in Colombo (JVP photo)
Publicly criticising US record on human rights the JVP has reportedly sought US help to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka

"If they have a right to seek international help to defeat LTTE terrorism, we also have the same right to seek international help to protect our lives from state terrorism," Ganeshan told BBC Sandeshaya.

President Rajapaksa is entitled to address the UN General Assembly in New York, last week.

JVP uprising

The UN should also have an equal access to Sri Lanka, Ganeshan added.

United Nations and international rights groups accused Sri Lankan government and the armed forces of gross human rights violations.

Manfred Nowak
Accusing US of rights violations, JVP says Nowak should first visit Iraq

JVP staged two armed uprisings against Sri Lankan governments in 1971 and late 80s.

Over 60,000 people, majority of them Sinhala youths, were killed during the second JVP uprising.

JVP leader, Somawansa Amerasinghe, has admitted that the party was responsible for 6000 killings.

Accusing the then government of rights violations, the JVP sought help of the international community and the human rights organisations to protect their lives in late 80s.

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