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Last updated: 18 February, 2008 - Published 14:36 GMT
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More Tamils 'abducted by police'
Mano Ganeshan
Seven people were kidnapped in Colombo says Mano Ganeshan
Police in Sri Lanka are abducting Tamils in Colombo "like dogs", a leading human rights campaigner says.

Convener of the civil monitoring committee (CMC) and leader of the Western People’s Front (WPF) said: "since 12th February seven people were kidnapped by white van in Colombo".

According to Mano Ganeshan, MP, the number of abductions is increasing around Colombo and its suburbs.

"On the 12th Businessman Chennaiya Sellaiya was abducted by people who came on a white van," he said.

"He was released on the 17th but his abductors are still at large".

CID is aware

The MP added that some of the abductors were wearing police and military uniforms.

 Police in the area did not know that these people were arrested, this is a violation of basic law
MP Mano Ganeshan

CMC convener said he had made the enquiries about disappeared people from the police.

"When we enquired, Dehiwala police confirmed me that some people were arrested by CID."

According to Mano Ganeshan, two Tamils were kept five nights in CID without informing their next of kin.

"Police in the area did not know that these people were arrested, this is a violation of basic law" WPF Leader pointed out.

"We are not against arresting people for investigations but it should be done according to the law" he said.

"Government should intervene to stop these illegal abductions, otherwise all underworld gangs will start kidnapping Tamil speaking Muslims for ransoms" parliamentarian warns.

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