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Last updated: 27 February, 2008 - Published 17:46 GMT
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UNICEF admits tsunami delays
Thousands of students protested lack of tsunami reconstruction work
UNICEF in Sri Lanka has admitted that there has been delays in their tsunami reconstruction work.

UNICEF spokesman, Gordon Weiss, told BBC Sandeshaya that there were many reasons for the dealy in reconstruction work.

Some of the work was handed over to the UNICEF by the government only recently, he said, and the fluctuations in the materials market also contributed to the delay.

The spokesman was responding to the accusations by students at Gintota Maha Vidayalaya of not taking steps to reconstruct their school destructed by Asian Tsunami in December 2004.

Thousands of protesting students have blocked the roads leading to the school and burnt tyres protesting the three-year delay in reconstruction.

It is the only school in Galle district yet to be reconstructed, a student leader told BBC Sandehaya.

The student leader added that UNICEF officials are camping in their school and rebuildig other tsunami destructed scholls but students in Gintota Maha Vidayalaya are forced to carry out their studies in hunts.

Mr. Weiss, responding, told that a UNICEF delegation will visit Gintota on Thursday to meet the students and community leaders to discuss the reconstruction of the school.

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