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Last updated: 20 August, 2008 - Published 17:55 GMT
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Campaign ends violence escalates
Violence in Anuradhapura (Photo by Athula Bandara)
On the final day of campaigning for the Sabaragamuwa and North Central Council Provincial Councils, election related violence has increased with two shooting incidents on Wednesday.

Correspondents say Anuradhapura town was tense on Wednesday follwing election related violence in the area.

In Eppawala two supporters of the UPFA including the personal assistant to the Minister Duminda Dissanayake were injured in a shooting and were hospitalized.

Two incidents were reported from Kekirawa and one from Eppawala. In Kahatagasdigiliya, two vehicles belonging to UNP supporter were set on fire and his relative's house was attacked, he said.

Police spokesman, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Ranjith Gunasekera says that public are responsible for incidence of electoral violence when there is no police presence.

Election violence in Anuradhapura

SSP Gunasekera said he will bear responsibility for any violence if committed before police presence.

Reports from Anuradhapura said that the office of the United National Party campaign manager, John Pulle was set fire by the supporters of the former Chief Minister of the North Central Province.

"If it had happened in the presence of police, police should take the full responsibility", said the police spokesman.

"Police are vested with powers to shoot in such an event", added Gunasekera.

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