17 October, 2008 - Published 13:45 GMT

Political solution needed - India

The Indian government says a political solution is what is needed for Sri Lanka’s national question.

In a statement issued on 16 October, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said the solution should be based within the framework of united Sri Lanka.

“India will do all in its power to achieve this goal, to ameliorate the humanitarian conditions in Sri Lanka and has been making representations to the Government of Sri Lanka at several levels,” the statement added.

India has also raised serious concern over the civilians caught in the conflict.

Same views

“It is essential that their rights be respected, that they be immune from attacks, and that food and other essential supplies be allowed to reach them,” Mr. Mukherjee’s statement said.

Meanwhile, a senior government official told journalists in Colombo that India and Sri Lanka share same views over the conflict.

Prof. Rajiv Wijesinghe, Secretary to the ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights, described the brewing protests in Tamil Nadu over Sri Lanka’s military offensives as “a crisis between two political parties”.

Indian Defence Minister has stressed the need to take utmost care of the civilians caught in the conflict, he said, while continuing the offensive against the LTTE.

“That is exactly the view of the Sri Lankan government,” Prof. Wijesinghe said.