31 January, 2009 - Published 18:30 GMT

Thousands protest military offensive

Thousands of Tamil diaspora gathered in Millbank, London in protest against the on going offensive in the northern Sri Lanka.

The protest was organized by a number of UK based Tamil organizations.

The protesters said that the international community need to be alerted of the plight of Tamil civilians caught in conflict in Mutative and surrounding areas.

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M K Sivajilingam who spoke from the venue said that “Tamils are not willing to live as second class citizens within their own country”

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Simon Hues of the Liberal Democratic party of the UK told the protesters that he is looking in to the possibility of taking the matter to the United Nations Security Council.

Parliamentarian Keith Vass of the UK Labour Party said that he is exploring the possibility of calling for a suspension of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.