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Last updated: 24 April, 2009 - Published 14:20 GMT
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Govt. appeals for relief supplies
Aid delivered to the collections centre (photo: Elmo Fernando)
Sri Lankans are urged to bring aid for the displaced in the north
The Sri Lankan government has appealed for urgent relief supplies for the displaced people who recently arrived in government controlled areas.

The director of government information department, Anusha Pelpita, has appealed for food, water, clothes and other essential items to distribute among the displaced.

In a statement, Mr. Pelpita has urged Sri Lankans to bring aid to Sirimavo Bandaranaike exhibition hall at the BMICH.

The government says 100,000 people have fled since Monday's military push. An estimated 60,000 people had already fled in recent months.

An official at the collecting centre told BBC Sandeshaya that the centre is receiving aid since this morning.

Some food aid received on Friday is being immediately airlifted to camps where the displaced are housed, he said.

Those who brought aid to the centre told BBC Sandeshaya that they wanted to help government’s attempt to help the displaced.

Upulee Rathnayake who brought some food said: “We listened to the appeal in the morning over the radio and decided that we should help”.

Nalinda Rathnayake has arrived at the centre with aid collected by Road Development Authority (RDA).

“I think we all should help the government for this humanitarian operation,” he told BBC’s Elmo Fernando.

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