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Last updated: 29 April, 2009 - Published 17:37 GMT
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Aid pouring into Sri Lanka
International aid
UN and donors pledge milions of international aid to Sri Lanka
The United Nations and international donors have pledged millions to help the displaced and civilians caught in the conflict in Sri Lanka.

Visiting British Foreign Minister David Miliband has pledged 2.5 million British pounds to assist displaced in the fighting between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers.

United Nations chief on humanitarian affairs, Sir John Holmes, pledged 10 million UD dollars after a three-day visit to the island.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has authorised another 2 million US dollars for welfare of the refugees.

Indian aid

In an earlier statement, France has pledged to considerably increase its humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka.

Displaced in Menik Farm camp on 28/04/2009
UNICEF has described the situation as 'catastrophic'

It has pledged to double aid provided through UNHCR to one million Euros and some other aid will be channelled through ACTED and Handicap International, the French Foreign Ministry said.

Australian foreign ministry says that it will provide an additional [approx 3.2m US] in humanitarian assistance in Sri Lanka.

The support will be delivered through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (1.5m dollars), the International Organization for Migration (1.5m dollars), International Committee of the Red Cross (1m dollars) and RED R Australia, an Australian NGO which supports UNICEF in the delivery of water, sanitation, and shelter (0.5m dollars).

India has already announced assistance of 19.86 million US Dollars and sent 40,000 "family packets" -- each containing food and medicines needed by a family of five for three weeks, Indian media reported.

India is also considering of increasing its medical missions in Lanka, which now number 62.

The TamilNadu state government in India has announced an aid package worth 250 million Indian rupees for the welfare of the internally displaced people in Sri Lanka.

In addition, the state government says that it has despatched relief material worth 65 million Indian rupees.

These relief materials include food items, clothing and utility vessels have been sent to the Indian embassy in Colombo who in turn will distribute it to the needy.

Moreover another instalment of relief materials worth 70 million Indian Rupees would be sent in the next few days says the Tamilnadu government.

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