05 April, 2009 - Published 14:24 GMT

Lankan groups clash in Melbourne

Two injured people were admitted to hospital after two Sri Lankan diaspora groups have clashed in Melbourne, police said.

Glen Atwell, spokesperson for Victoria police force told BBC Sandeshaya that the clash erupted as a group of anti-LTTE demonstrators on the steps of parliament house clashed with a Tamil motorcade in Melbourne on Saturday.

"Around 11am on Saturday, about 1500 Sri Lankan Sinhalese students gathered in front of parliament house. That was a peaceful protest," he told the BBC Sinhala service.

'Shops attacked'

"Around 1.25 pm members from the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) were holding a motorcade protest. This group was driven to the steps of parliament house and that is where the conflict of two groups occurred," the spokesman added.

Police say that a car was damaged during the scuffles that broke out and later there has been a "larger fight" between the groups on a nearby street.

Two men in their twenties, one each from rival groups, were admitted to hospital "due to minor injuries".

Police said the situation is "under control" and that no arrests were made by the Melbourne police investigating the incident.

However, Australian media reported that some shops were attacked after the event.

Denying any knowledge of the attacks on shops, Mr. Atwell urged those affected to report any further incident to the police.