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Last updated: 12 September, 2009 - Published 18:28 GMT
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Speaker concerned on visa refusals
Sri Lankan speaker has expressed concerns over several countries rejecting visa applications of high profile Sri Lankans.

Speaker W.J.M.Lokubandara said that Sri Lanka, though a small country should be considered equally in the international community.

Sri Lanka parliament should, therefore, show protest and make it an issue to protect the rights of Sri Lankan citizens, he said.

"Members of parliament have a bounden duty by the Sri Lanka Constitution to respect the sovereignty of the country irrespective of differences. So that it is the duty of all of them to protest against this sort of foreign pressure", speaker Lokubandara said.

It is regrettable that if either a western or eastern country refuse visa on the ground that a citizen is Sinhalese, Buddhist or Sri Lankan, he added.

Prime Minister Rantasiri Wickremanayaka was embarrassed when he visited Japan recently. He was questioned and finger printed on arrival at the Narita International Airport.

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