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Last updated: 04 October, 2009 - Published 15:58 GMT
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'MPs and Journalists attacked'
Minister Dilan Perera
Minister Dilan Perera seen among the crowd
A government minister along with supporters from Beliatta attacked opposition campaigners alleges the United National Party (UNP).

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake said “we were campaigning in Beveraliya Estate, Deniyaya on Sunday when we came under attack by Minister Dilan Perera and his supporters”.

“When we were using a road built by the state funds through Beveraliya Estate, our vehicles were stopped in front of a mansion by its owner.”

“We told him this is a public road but he told us it’s a private road,” Attanayake said.

“Then Minister Dilan Perera came with some people from Beliatta and attacked us”.

Journalists attaked

"Journalists were also attacked and their equipment damaged during the commotion. More than ten vehicles were damaged as well,” the general secretary added.

Journalists Chandika Jayawardana, Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk, Kelum Jayaweera and Shaman Chanuka were among those beaten.

“If this road was built by using public funds, how is it not a public highway?” the UNP parliamentarian questioned.

Political parties in Sri Lanka are campaigning for the Southern provincial council elections due to be held on the 10th of October.

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