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Last updated: 11 January, 2010 - Published 16:17 GMT
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140 Tamil students 'missing'
University students in Sri Lanka (file photo)
IUSF that supported the war says it condemns continuing detention of Tamils
Nearly 140 Tamil university students have "disappeared" during the conflict between the government forces and the LTTE, the main students union in Sri Lanka said.

Inter University Students Union (IUSF) has called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to reveal details of the disappeared students.

"These students are not dead but there have been some reports that they were in different camps at different times," IUSF convenor Udul Premaratne told the journalists in Colombo.

"But no list of detainees was released by the police or security forces," he said.

60 students 'detained'

The IUSF says it condemns continuing detention of Tamils as the war against the LTTE is over.

The IUSF, a union affiliated to the JVP, supported Rajapaksa administration's war against the Tamil Tigers.

Udul Premaratne however now argues that it is unnecessary to arrest and detain "even a suicide bomber".

"The government has to offer Tamils full rights if it wants to stop the re-emergence of terrorism," he said.

The Rajapaksa administration, the convenor added, has detained over 60 university students for nearly a year.

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