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Somali pirates take Saudi Ship with Lankan crew
Maritime officials say Somali pirates have seized a Saudi tanker in the Gulf of Aden.

The Al Nisr Al Saudi had fourteen crew on board, but was not carrying any oil.

Its captain is Greek and the rest of the crew are reported to be Sri Lankan.

Sri Lanka’s high commissioner in Kenya Jayantha Dissanayaka speaking from Nairobi said that he has received reports that the ship is anchored at Garacad, a pirate strong hold in north eastern Somalia.

“They have demanded a ransom but we don’t know the amount” said Dissanayaka.

He further said that a joint international patrol is already in the area.

The European naval force, which patrols shipping lanes in the area says Somali pirates are currently holding six ships and one-hundred-and-thirty-two sailors.

Somali pirates
Somal pirates

Attacks by Somali pirates usually increase during March, April and May because the weather is favourable.

The tanker, travelling from Japan to Jeddah, was empty when pirates hijacked the vessel and took its crew captive.

The MT Nisir Al Saudi was outside the shipping lanes patrolled by naval warships, it was reported.

Somali pirate attacks usually increase in the months between March and May because calmer seas allow the pirates to operate more freely.

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