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Last updated: 29 March, 2010 - Published 13:03 GMT
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Jaffna readers interested in local issues

Keerimalai temple in Jaffna
Journalists say Jaffna life not properly portrayed and distorted in the national media
A group of Sinhala and Tamil journalists in Sri Lanka have stressed the importance of reporting local issues facing both communities in rural areas.

Editor of Valampuri regional Tamil newspaper in Jaffna, N Vijesundaran, told a visiting group of journalists from the south that in addition to life in Jaffna being not properly portrayed in the national media it is also distorted.

Agreeing, the group from the south called upon the Jaffna media to focus more on the difficulties that the southern tourists face when visiting the North.

Since the government declared its victory over Tamil Tiger rebels in May the north has seen a steady stream of visitors from the predominantly Sinhala south.

Editor Vijesundaran said there is a huge demand for Valampuri in Jaffna than for national newspapers.

The distribution of the newspaper is also hampered by the transport difficulties, he said, than during the conflict between the security forces and LTTE.

Pointing out that media also played a role in dragging the Tamil people to a civil war, Mr. Vijesundaran said his newspaper does not support any candidate in the upcoming general election, but simply report the facts.

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