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Last updated: 10 April, 2010 - Published 18:14 GMT
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Defeated UNP candidates attack Range Bandara
Puttlam district United National Party (UNP) elected MP Palitha Range Bandara was assaulted by a group of defeated UNP candidates in Chilaw on Saturday evening.

At the time of the incident, Palitha Ranga Bandara was meeting with other UNP candidates in the district, correspondent Purnimal Jayamanne said.

According to villagers, a brawl had flared up when a group lead by a defeated candidate from the north western province who had also contested the election arrived at the scence, he said.

Range Bandara came first in the preferential list gaining the highest number of votes in Chilaw district.

When our correspondent went to the house where the meeting had taken place, he could see the damage done to the household appliances and blood on the floor.

A critically injured Range Bandara was rushed to Colombo National Hospital.

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