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Last updated: 30 October, 2010 - Published 13:27 GMT
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Govt 'not acquiring' Tamils' land
Minister Karuna in Batticaloa (file photo)
Minister Karuna rejects reports that the government has seized Tamils’ land
The Sri Lankan government has no plans to acquire land owned by the Tamil people in Vanni, a junior minister has said.

Minister Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan (also known as Karuna Amman) also denied reports that the government has seized Tamils’ land especially in Puthukudiiruppu and Murukandy areas.

The deputy minister for resettlement made the remarks at a meeting held in Mullaitivu Government Agent’s (GA) office on Friday.

Internally Displaced People (IDP) from Murukandy were earlier told by the government officials that they were not allowed to resettle in original lands.

The GA has told them that their lands were acquired by the government and they would be offered alternative lands.

The Tamil National Allaiance (TNA) parliamentarians who have seen the official documents have raised the issue with the authorities but the war displaced are yet to be allowed to resettle in their lands.

Deputy Minister Muralitharan added that only 20,000 IDPs are to be resettled in Mullaitivu. They would be kept in Menik Farm camp, he said, until the landmine clearing operations are completed.

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