23 November, 2010 - Published 10:53 GMT

'Budget failed to reach expectations'

The budget fails to meet the expectation of the population is the verdict of the opposition parliamentarians and trade unionists.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, economist and UNP parliamentarian Dr. Harsha de Silva said "this is a budget that gives benefits to two hundred people at the expense of the population".

"The 2011 budget proposals failed to meet the peoples' expectations and deliver the promised Rs 2500 pay increase" he added.

stock market

Dr de Silva who argued that the United National Party cannot protest against the budget proposals also pointed out that despite the government claims Sri Lankan stock market is not responding well to the government proposals.

"When I looked at the Stock Market, it was not performing, it was flat, what we have here is crony capitalism" Dr de Silva told BBC Sandeshaya.

"The budget divides the public servants into fraction is the view expressed by the Trade Union Federation.

Trade union reaction

"The proposals failed to take into account the recommendations made to eradicate the inequalities in salary scales" said Saman Ratnapriya, general secretary of the Trade Union Federation.

The TUF has asked to include the promised Rs. 2500 and living allowance but the budget did not propose any of them. Instead the government proposed a five percent interim allowance increase.

"We cannot trust that this budget will facilitate the development. It is not setting a good example. People with power get benefits whilst the others are asked to make sacrifices to develop the country" Saman Ratnapriay said.


Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian, M Sumanthiran told BBC Sandeshya that the budget did not allocate funds for rehabilitation programmes in the North and East.

"The government should take steps to conduct rehabilitation programmes by itself rather than leaving it for the foreign nations. By not allocating funds for rehabilitation programmes government is sending a wrong message that rehabilitation is not a priority" he added.

University Lectures are pleased with the proposal to increase their salary. President of the University Lecturers Union, Prof. Sampath Amaratunga said that lecturers are satisfied with the proposal.