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Call for LTTE ban in Norway
Norway must follow the European Union and proscribe the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in the country says a Norwegian parliamentarian.

Norwegian based LTTE activist Nediyawan
Nediyawan is known to be a leading LTTE activist in Norway

Chairman of the Defence and Security committee of the opposition Conservative Party, Peter Gitmark says that it is wrong to allow the Tamil Tigers to operate in Norway.

Confirming the recent detention of a leading LTTE activist by the Norwegian police, the MP says Perimpanayagam Sivaparan, also known as Nediyawan is wanted by the police of the Netherlands.

War crimes committed by LTTE

"We have an investigative team coming from the Netherlands to question him. I also hope the Norwegian police would be able to interrogate this man to shed information on the LTTE activities in the Norway", said Gitmark.

Attack on Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo
Sri Lanka embassy in Oslo was attacked in 2009

"LTTE was a major player in the civil war in Sri Lanka. UN report on the civil war has condemned both the government and the LTTE in the strongest of words when it comes to war crimes".

He also claimed that there are recent reports of LTTE illegal fundraising in the Norway.

LTTE fund raising in Norway

"I think it is not in the interest of the people of Sri Lanka for the LTTE to raise money in Norway and other places to renew its violent struggle against the government of Sri Lanka." The Conservative Party MP told the BBC.

 UN report on the civil war has condemned both the government and the LTTE in the strongest of words when it comes to war crimes
Peter Gitmark

"There had been numerous recent reports on the LTTE raising money in the Norway. I have urged the Norwegian police to take immediate action to see if this is the case and if that is the case to punish the responsible".

Dutch police however had not revealed the details of the interrogation of Nediyawan.

Arrests in Netherlands

In April 2010, Police in Netherlands arrested several Tamil community leaders in the country.

Erik Solheim meeting president Rajapksa
Norway facilitated the peace process in Sri Lanka

Computers, paperwork, phones, documents, photos, DVDs and a sum totalling more than 40,000 Euros were seized.

"Among the suspects are the leaders of various organisations of Tamils in the Netherlands, which probably play a role in the international network of the LTTE," the justice ministry said in a statement.

Leaders of the Tamil Co-ordinating Committee (TCC), the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO), the Tamil Women Organisation (TWO) and the Tamil Arts and Cultural Organization Netherlands (TKCO), are believed to be among the suspects.

Norwegian parliamentarian Peter Gitmark also blamed the government of Sri Lanka for continues violation of human rights.

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