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Soldiers's body exhumed on suspicion after 11 months
Suspicion on oldier's death
Family members of a soldier from a Sri Lankan elite force suspect foul play over the death of their loved one.

The mother of a Special Task Force (STF) soldier, whose body was exhumed on Tuesday called upon the Sri Lanka military not to harm the lives of soldiers.

Court order

Twenty year old STF soldier, N.P. Madhusanka died last August was buried as a civilian after the body was handed to them by the Sri Lanka Army in Vavuniya, his mother P.A.D Ariyawathie who was present at the exhumation said.

Madhusanka's body was exhumed following an order by Mullaitivu court.

The military giving reasons for the death that happened more than a year since the military declared its victory over the LTTE, has said it was a suicide.

Saddened and distraught mother P.A.D Ariyawathie said that she had doubts when she received the body from Vavuniya Hospital and filed a court case on suspicion.

Injuries to body

She said Madhusanka had internal injuries including his liver and heart; seven broken bones of the front of vertebra and some in the back.

He was hit on the head, shoulder and there were three holes on the neck, she said.

"There are three other similar suspected cases of killed soldiers , being heard by the court" Mrs.Ariyawathie said

Gemunu Vimukthi said it was a serious offence to keep his brother, Madhusanka with fatal injuries for about five hours before being admitted to hospital.

He said he suspected Madhusanka had been shot dead in the bunker after torturing.

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