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Last updated: 04 August, 2011 - Published 17:48 GMT
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Criminal complaint against Major General Jagath Dias
Switzerland map
The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) and TRIAL - Swiss Association against Impunity have filed a criminal complaint with the Public Ministry of Switzerland against the former Major General Jagath Dias for alleged war crimes.

Major General Jagath Dias is the Deputy Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Germany, who is also accredited to Switzerland and Vatican.


Director of The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) Christoph Wiedmer told BBC Sandeshaya that they complained to the ministry as they regard Major General Jagath Dias as a probable war criminal.

He said that STP has reports from human rights organisations, testimonials, photos and videos of crimes committed during the final stage of war in Sri Lanka while Maj. Gen Dias was the commander of the 57th division of the Sri Lankan Army.

"In particular, during this time, the troops of Major General Jagath Dias had carried out shelling of civilians, hospitals, churches. We have some suspicion of torture and extra judicial executions", STP Director Christoph Wiedmer said.

Withdraw immunity

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) demand the Sri Lanka and Switzerland governments to withdraw his immunity and to take legal action against Major General Jagath Dias.

Sri Lanka embassy in Germany says that it has not been informed of any such complaint by the Federal Ministry of Switzerland which is the usual accepted practice.

Embassy not informed

The Ambassador, Tikiribandara Maduwegedera told Sandesaya that they have nothing do with the report appearing in only one website.

"I do not think we should get excited about it ", he said.

He said that there is a practice that any individual or organisation to take such legal action; by going through the foreign ministry of receiving country which is not done.

An individual or an organisation can not violate the immunity or privileges normally granted to a diplomat, the Ambassador, Maduwegedera added.

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