Jersey claim petanque win over Guernsey in annual clash

Petanque players in action
The players continued despite the rain in Jersey

Jersey overcame Channel Island rivals Guernsey 30-18 to secure their third consecutive title in the 25th annual petanque inter-insular.

The result levels the overall series at 12 wins each, with one draw.

Jersey raced into a six-game lead by the lunch break before play was switched to a different terrain because of a waterlogged surface.

The contest was closer after the interval but a strong final round helped the hosts clinch the title.

Jersey have now won for the past three years and team manager Derek Hart said: "We had a fantastic day despite the weather.

"That's put us level-pegging so next year in Guernsey it's going to be a real needle match I suspect."

Guernsey's team manager John Cuthbertson said: "We always enjoy the day and we don't cry if we lose.

"We haven't matched Jersey's growth by a long way.

"In Guernsey we have a problem getting the youngsters involved."