Guernsey pair win powerboat world title

Powerboat world champions John Richardson and Tom Sauvarin
Richardson and Sauvarin had no radio communication during the third and final race of the World Championships

Guernsey has two new world champions in powerboaters John Richardson and navigator Tom Sauvarin.

The pair won the Class 3B World Championships in Torquay.

They took the lead early on with a first-place finish in race one on Thursday in tough conditions, followed by another first place on Saturday.

In the final race on Sunday they were handicapped due to broken radio communication but still finished fourth to secure the title.

John Richardson said: "We're ecstatic, we're over the moon, never in our wildest dreams did we expect this to happen.

"We were proud to be representing Guernsey, the guys at the GPA [Guernsey Powerboating Association] have done a fantastic job over the last few years to get powerboating going back in Guernsey.

"I think if it wasn't for them then I wouldn't be racing full stop, let alone coming here and taking part in this competition."