Liam Tancock urges unsung hero nominations

Exeter's world champion swimmer Liam Tancock has urged people to nominate their unsung heroes for this year's BBC Sports Personality of the Year event.

Tancock, who is the reigning says people who work hard behind the scenes at grassroots level need recognition.

"Without unsung heroes, people there supporting people to achieve what they do, things wouldn't happen," he told BBC South West.

Tancock says his first coach at Exeter City Swimming Club, Jon Randall, played a huge part in his rise to the top.

"He coached me pretty much from when I first got into a pool until I was 18 and moved up to Loughborough to try and further my career," he said.

"He still coaches at Exeter City Swimming Club and I'm still very much a part of that club.

"Without the support and the upbringing that he's given me in terms of swimming I probably wouldn't be where I am today."

Nominations are open to a person or couple who, on a voluntary basis, makes a real difference to sport within their area.

To nominate an unsung hero fill out the form below and post as directed, or email the completed form to:

Unsung Hero nomination form (Word)

Nomination forms must be returned by 2359 GMT on Sunday 30 October.

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