Give an Hour: Sports celebrities help UK get online

Celebrities from the world of BBC Sport have given their support to the BBC's Give an Hour campaign which is calling on people to volunteer their online expertise to help offliners use the internet for the first time.

When the clocks go back on Sunday, we are being asked to 'give an hour' and use the time to inspire people to see how the internet can become part of their life.

Formula One presenter Jake Humphrey for instance, would give an hour to show his mum the possibilities when being online.

Jake Humphrey
Jake would give an hour to help his mum get online

"My mum never goes anywhere near the computer, so I think I'd sit down with her and get her going, to show her the world of possibilities out there," he said.

"I'm a Twitter user, I blog, I follow what's happening in the world of Formula 1.

"When I arrive in a foreign country I have a video chat with my niece and nephew - everything I do revolves around the internet."

Research shows more than 8.7 million adults in the UK are not online, with 44% of them over the age of 55 according to figures by the Office for National Statisticsexternal-link.

World athlete Colin Jackson first started using the internet as a way of researching his competition.

"I first went online in the 90s and it gave me a brand new way of looking at my opponents.

"I wish I'd had a resource like this [the internet] when I was younger because I think it would have encouraged me to try some other sports."

For more information on how you can help somebody get online in an hour visit the BBC Give an Hour website.

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