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How do I send feedback to the BBC about the BBC Olympics app?

If you have any comments about the BBC Olympics app please email mobile@bbc.co.uk.

If you have downloaded the app you can also contact us through the 'Send Feedback' menu option.

Submitting the feedback form will also send us the device and model of the phone you are using, which will be helpful to us.

Please note that we cannot reply individually to every email but we do read all your comments and appreciate your feedback. If you are having difficulties with the app we will try to help you.

If you wish to raise a formal complaint about the BBC Olympics app, please go to the BBC Complaints homepage at www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/homepage.

How much will it cost to use the BBC Olympics app on my phone over 3G networks?

The BBC Olympics app is a free to use, but mobile network operators will charge for data used over their networks.

Data allowances and mobile network tariffs are the responsibility of the mobile network operators. If you are unsure how much 3G data costs, or what your data allowance is, then contact your mobile network operator.

How can I refresh the content on a page in the app?

Pages can be refreshed by holding the page with your finger and pulling down the page until you see the 'Release to refresh' message. Release the page, and it should then be updated with the latest content.

How do I opt out of statistics collection?

We collect statistical data about how the application is used to help us learn what works and what's most useful to you.

The more data we gather, the better we know what people want from applications like this.

All data is collected anonymously (e.g. we won't know what pages a specific person visits, or their location, but we will be able to see general trends about which pages and areas are more popular).

To opt out of statistics collection, go to the Settings menu option and untick the 'Share Statistics' check-box.

The BBC will only use usage statistics information to analyse and improve the services offered through this and other apps.

For more information, visit the BBC's Privacy Policy in the app menu.

Why am I unable to access any content within the app?

Please check your network connection.

If images and headlines are not being displayed on the homepage, refresh the app by pulling down the screen to refresh.

Should the images and headlines still not display, forcibly quit the app from your device's 'Applications' menu and reopen.

If you are still having problems, please email us at mobile@bbc.co.uk.

Will the BBC be adding new features to the BBC Olympics app?

Yes, when the games start the London 2012 medals table, live video (UK only), live text commentary and results will automatically become available.

You will not need to upgrade your app to get these updates.

If a new version of the app is released that you need to upgrade to, a notification will be displayed within the app.

How do I access external links?

Links to external websites are shown on certain pages in the app. Tap on the link to open it in the external page browser. To return to the BBC Olympics app tap on the 'Done' button on the top right of the screen.

Some BBC content may also be displayed in the external page browser, for example Olympic stories on the BBC News website.

Please note that the BBC is not responsible for content on external websites.

How can I use the app when not connected to the Internet?

The app automatically saves the top Olympic stories on your device for reading when you don't have a network connection. All these are available from the homepage. Other pages are not available when offline.

Please note that video is not saved for offline viewing and images will only be displayed on the homepage.

How do I turn offline reading/caching off?

When you access the app, the top stories are automatically retrieved and saved to your device. This means they are available for offline reading when you don't have a network connection.

In order to save some data usage you may want to turn offline reading mode to off or wi-fi only.

To change the offline reading mode, go to the 'Offline mode' settings in the Settings menu option and turn your preferred option ON.

How can I customise the app with my favourite sports?

The BBC Olympics app allows you to choose which menu items are displayed on the tab bar.

You can access the customisation feature by tapping the 'Customise' button on the More view.

From the customisation screen you will be able replace the existing tab bar items with other menu items plus the 36 Olympic disciplines, so that you can quickly navigate to your favourite sport or content.

To add an item to the tab bar hold the item down with your finger and drag it down to the item you want it to replace on the tab bar. Once the item becomes highlighted let go.

The new item should now appear in the tab bar and the previous item it has replaced should have fallen into its position in the grid.

You can also reorder the items in the tab bar by holding down and dragging an item to the spot you want it to move to.

Once you have finished customising the tab bar, tap the 'Done' button to save your settings and return to the More view.

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