BBC Sport on Facebook - Frequently Asked Questions

BBC Facebook

BBC Sport has launched a Facebook application offering audiences in the UK live streams of Wimbledon and the Olympics.

If you are interested in downloading it, you may find these FAQs helpful.

Q. What does this app do?

The BBC Sport app for Facebook enables social viewing around live streams of BBC big event coverage, starting with Wimbledon and the Olympics.

The app will allow users in the UK to watch the BBC's network TV coverage plus up to 6 extra match streams from Wimbledon. For the Olympics, the app will make available up to 24 live streams showing every event from the London 2012 Games, as they happen, as well as the BBC1 & BBC3 Network TV output, and BBC2 when available, all in HD.

The app enables a social viewing experience - for instance you can 'like' individual streams and share what you are watching to your news feed. Streams can be filtered according to the number of viewers watching in the app, or how many of your friends are watching.

During the Olympics (which start on 25 July with the Olympics football tournament before the opening ceremony on 27 July) additional functionality will be added, including the ability to chat live with friends.

Q. How do I access the app?

The app can be accessed from the BBC Sport Facebook pageexternal-link and from the Facebook Apps Centreexternal-link - follow the simple instructions there. If you have friends who are using the app you may see links to the app appear in your Facebook news feed.

Q. What information is shared to my feed?

As soon as you press play on a video stream it is shared to your Activity Feed so your friends can see what you're watching. You can remove these alerts from your feed if you desire by using the tool provided in the app.

Q. How do I remove the app if I don't want to use it anymore?

You will be able to remove the application at any time by pressing the 'remove this app' button at the bottom of each page on the app. You can also unauthorise the app from within Facebook settings.

Q. What personal data does the app ask for?

Users will see which data will be requested before they download the app. It will include Basic Information, Profile Information and a request to 'Post on my Behalf'.

Q. What will the BBC do with this data?

The data will be used only for the purposes of enabling the features within the app. No data about the user is stored permanently on BBC servers as a result of a Facebook user authorising this app.

Q. What other big events will be made available in the app?

We are focusing on Wimbledon and the Olympics for now, and will take what we learn from those experiences to inform which events we try next.

We will 'sign off' from the page after the Olympics, and take some time to review how things went and what we learnt, to inform which events we try next.

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