FAQs: On demand video and audio

Do I need a TV licence to watch video online?

If you use any device to receive television programmes as they're being shown (live) on TV, the law requires you to be covered by a TV licence. It makes no difference how you watch TV - whether it's on your laptop, PC or mobile phone or through a digital box, DVD recorder or TV set.

You will not need a TV licence if you never watch or record programmes on any channel as they're being shown on live TV, and never download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer - live, catch up or on demand.

What will happen if I don't have a TV licence?

It is a criminal offence for users in the UK to watch live television without a TV licence or to possess or control a device which you know or reasonably believe will be used to watch 'live' TV without a TV licence. You could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000 (plus be ordered to pay legal costs) for these offences.

Where can I buy a TV licence or get more details?

To buy a TV licence or obtain further information about licensing requirements visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk

How do I play a video/audio file?

Simply select the appropriate link (by touching on the image or play icon) and the stream will automatically play.

My device won't play video/audio clips?

We currently only offer video/audio services to iOS devices using iOS 5.0 and higher, and Android handsets using 2.2 and higher. By default we only support the native browser (Safari on iOS devices and Chrome on Android devices).

If you have one of these devices with a lower OS version, it may be possible to upgrade the operating system of your device. Please contact your mobile network operator or consult your handset user guide for more information.

Android users may have to download the BBC Media Player from the Android marketplace to be able to play content. You will be prompted to to download this when trying to play video/audio clips. To download the BBC Media Player your device must run Android 2.2 (or higher) with a minimum ARMv7 processor. Full details of minimum hardware requirements can be found on the Adobe Air website.

Because of the wide range of handsets on the market and the different technologies they use to serve audio and video, the BBC is not able to offer media to all devices. We regularly review the range of handsets being used to access the site and aim to ensure the most popular models are able to access as much content as possible.

How much does it cost to listen/watch via 3G/4G?

The BBC will not charge you to watch video or listen to audio. However your operator will charge you for the amount of 3G/4G data you use. If you are playing media over 3G/4G and are unsure of the data costs on your tariff please contact your network operator.

How can I limit the costs of watching/listening to video content on 3G/4G?

There are several ways to limit the costs of watching video/listening to audio content:

  • The same live and on demand content offered on the mobile service is also available on the desktop BBC Sport website. You can use this service on a desktop PC or laptop with an internet connection.
  • If you use a lot of mobile data you can talk to your mobile operator about the most cost-effective way of using the mobile internet on your phone and find out about ways of monitoring your mobile internet usage.
  • You can reduce data costs by using WiFi when available via your wireless broadband connection at home or at a wireless hotspot. If you are not sure if your phone has WiFi built in please contact your network operator or review your handset's user guide.

Can I improve the sound quality?

Some mobile phones with built in speakers offer low sound quality. Try using headphones or plug-in speakers.

Why can't I watch/listen to media when I am outside the UK?

Depending on contract terms with rights holders, BBC Sport may not be permitted to make some material available to non-UK users.

Can I download these videos to watch them later?

No. Due to rights restrictions, BBC Sport only makes video available for streaming.

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