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TV Licence

Do I need a TV licence to watch video online?

If you use any device to receive television programmes as they're being shown (live) on TV, the law requires you to be covered by a TV Licence. It makes no difference how you watch TV - whether it's on your laptop, PC or mobile phone or through a digital box, DVD recorder or TV set.


How can I access different sports on a mobile or small tablet?

Mobile and tablet users may notice that we have altered the navigation, replacing the black navigation bar with an 'All Sport' menu on the mobile Sport homepage. This provides more space to highlight editorial content and makes the user experience more consistent with the BBC Sport mobile and tablet apps. Simply touch the button in the top right hand corner and you will see a full list of sports.

How can I view scores and as-it-stands tables when I'm following a live text commentary or match page on a smartphone?

We are currently updating our live pages to include more features when viewed on smaller mobile devices. Scores and as-it-stands tables will be available on mobile devices in the updated version of the live page by the 2014 World Cup finals.

Until then, mobile users can access the desktop version of our football live text commentary or live match pages by touching the "desktop site" link at the bottom of the page, then touching "Sport" at the top of the page to return to the desktop version of the BBC Sport website.

How can I access pages like results, fixtures and live scores on the mobile site?

These kinds of pages are available in the navigation on our mobile site. Simply touch the black navigation bar and you will see a full list of navigation links for the section you are viewing.

Why am I redirected to the mobile version of the BBC Sport website when on a smartphone?

We have started to redirect mobile devices to the mobile version of the BBC Sport website as this version has been optimised for smaller screens. If you would prefer to view the desktop version, simply touch the "Desktop site" link at the bottom of our mobile pages, then touch "Sport" at the top of the page to return to the desktop version of the BBC Sport website.

Video or audio not available / playing correctly

I'm in the UK but I am being told that content is not available in my territory

You might have been identified as outside the UK because your computer is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas.

Our Geo-IP technology system recognises IP addresses provided by UK-based internet service providers (ISPs). If the BBC media player doesn't recognise your address, you must contact your ISP as they alone can register your address.

If your ISP has registered with the appropriate databases, our servers are updated on a monthly basis so you will have to wait until the next refresh to gain access.

If you are experiencing this issue, filling in this form can help the BBC in discussions with ISPs.

I'm outside the UK, why can't I access some clips?

Some clips and highlights packages are not available outside the UK due to rights restrictions.

Is there a minimum specification for playing video and audio?

System requirements for embedded video and audio player meet current BBC web standards. These include Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above, Firefox 2 and above or Opera 7 and above. (Other browsers may work with the BBC News Player, however the BBC is unable to guarantee their compatibility).

But you will need version 10.1 or above of Flash to play the clips. The latest version can be installed via external-link

Why is there no sound when streaming?

If you have checked that your computer's sound settings are correct, there may be a problem with Flash. See link in section above.

I'm getting audio but no video, what can I do?

If you are hearing audio but getting no video playback, try turning off hardware acceleration and refreshing the page and then seeing if the video plays.

If you right click on the video player and open up 'Settings', you should get an option to turn off hardware acceleration.

If you can't click on settings because it is greyed out, please follow the steps in the following message boardexternal-link in order to turn off hardware acceleration.

Why can't I connect?

Some security programs, firewalls or routers may block your access to the embedded player. Please check your computer's settings to ensure that it is not blocking the player.

Am I blocking the video with other software I've installed?

You may have some ad-blocking software, such as Adblock Plus, installed on your browser. It is possible this software, or similar browser add-ons and extensions, are affecting the appearance of BBC embedded video on your PC.

I get a message on all video saying: "Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment"

Although the BBC embedded player has been successfully tested against standard installations of browsers, some users have recommended clearing cache, and cookies, from their browsers.

I'm watching video on iPad and I get an error message. What can I do?

We are aware of an occasional issue when trying to watch video on iPads. If you turn the wifi connection off and reconnect, you should be able to watch successfully.

Can I download videos to watch later?

No. Currently, BBC Sport offers video only when your device has a network connection.


My phone won't play live video

We currently only offer video services to iOS devices using iOS 5.0 and higher and Android handsets using 2.2 and higher - if you have one of these devices and a lower OS version, it may be possible to upgrade the operating system of your device.

How much does it cost to listen/watch via 3G?

The BBC will not charge you to watch video or listen to audio. However your operator may charge you for the amount of 3G data you use.


I'm outside the UK, why do I see advertisements?

The BBC now serves advertising for users outside the UK.

This means users from outside the UK may see a short advertisement at the start of the video clip as well as adverts on the index and story pages.

Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to have access to our broadband-quality content, so rather than charge users to subscribe we decided that an advertising model was the best way to fund the upgrade.

The service for the UK is funded by licence fee revenue and does not carry any advertising.

For more information on advertising at the BBC, go to our dedicated pages:

Can I use your content on my own site?

This is not allowed as the BBC owns the copyright.

However, you can take a feed of our headlines on to your site via our RSS service, providing you credit us.

How do I get a job in BBC Sport?

When opportunities within Sport do arise they are advertised on our careers website. Any placements we are currently offering are listed on this page.

I have a query which isn't covered here.

Please contact us through our feedback page.

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