Island Games 2013: Isle of Man tops medal table

In total the Manx team won 36 gold, 36 silver and 25 bronze medals to finish well clear of hosts Bermuda (27 golds) and Jersey (23 golds).
The Isle of Man's men's and women's gymnastics teams won nearly half the island's medals in Bermuda.
In total the gymnasts won 47 medals including 18 golds, 14 silvers and 15 bronze.
Andrew Roche
Cyclist Andrew Roche won his 10th successive time trial and also helped the team to gold. The Manx cyclists claimed eight medals in total on and off road.
Kevin Loundes
Runner Kevin Loundes claimed two gold medals on the track. The Manx athletics team won 15 medals - six of which were gold.
Isle of Man swimming team
The Manx swimmers won 16 medals including seven gold medals, two of which were won by Grant Halsall.
Beach volleyball
The Isle of Man also won their first ever beach volleyball match on the sands of Bermuda.
The Manx team claimed a bronze medal in the triathlon on the opening day of competition.
Mountain Biking
The Isle of Man also won medals in badminton, tennis, cycling and mountain biking.
Team Isle of Man
The first competitors will return to the Isle of man on Tuesday - following two flights from Bermuda to London and then on to the Island.
Isle of Man swimming team
The Isle of Man's 84-strong Island Games team won 97 medals at the six-day competition in Bermuda, 36 of which were gold.

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