'Alarming' 3D images of controversial city plan

New 3D images of how the Marischal Square development in Aberdeen could look are released.

New 3D images of how the controversial Marischal Square development in Aberdeen could look will "alarm" the public, a campaigner has claimed.

The hotel, office and retail project will be built on the site of the former St Nicholas House council building.

It was approved in October.

Community councillor Ken Hutcheon said the images from a software firm shocked him. However, project developers Muse said the images were not authorised.

The £107m plan also includes building shops and restaurants.

Kenny Steele, managing director of Pinnacle Visualisation which developed 'eyesee' which was used to create the the impressions, said of the software: "It came from a desire to see an honest, accurate, portrayal of a development."

'Right in the way'

The footage was said to be based on the public record of the Muse plans and were not official images from the developer or the city council.

Campaigner Mr Hutcheon told BBC Scotland: "If people had seen these images - especially looking up the Kirkgate - they would have been devastated.

"It's a phenomenal view of Marischal College - the second biggest granite building in the world - and they are slapping this right in the way of the view of it.

"They said it would be an asset to Aberdeen."

Planning committee convenor Ramsey Milne viewed the images - and declined to comment.

More than 1,000 council staff vacated the 14-storey St Nicholas House building, which was erected in 1968, for the newly-refurbished Marischal College building in 2011.