Brian O'Driscoll: The night I left an omelette in Paris

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Why did Brian O'Driscoll leave an omelette on the Champs-Elysees?

What kept Kell Brook up for three days straight?

And what happened when Barry Hearn boxed his son, Eddie?

Ireland's legendary rugby union centre, Britain's IBF welterweight champion and the darts and snooker supremo spoke to Clare Balding on her BBC Two show.

Brian O'Driscoll
Brian O'Driscoll was a hat-trick hero in Paris in 2000

BOD celebrating in 2000...

After scoring a hat-trick in Ireland's 27-25 Six Nations win over France in 2000 - their first victory in the French capital in 28 years - O'Driscoll and his centre partner Rob Henderson enjoyed the sights of Paris.

"We went down to the Champs-Elysees to a VIP club and we went up to the door and we weren't allowed in.

"They looked at us and they didn't care how many tries I'd scored. So we went across to an eatery across the way where we had to order food to get a bottle of wine.

"So we had like some vinegar and an omelette and when I walked outside and the fresh air hit me, I didn't feel so well.

"My night ended up with me reproducing the omelette on the Champs-Elysees.

...compared to 2015

Things have changed somewhat over the past 15 years, as he enjoyed Ireland's Six Nations success in March from the comfort of his own home.

"I had my sisters, all my nieces and nephews, and my two kids over - so it was kind of like a little Six Nations party.

"And like everyone else in Ireland, I was on the edge of my seat shouting at the telly."

Kell Brook's three days without sleep

Kell Brook beat Shawn Porter with a majority decision in California
Kell Brook beat Shawn Porter with a majority decision in California

Kell Brook became the first British boxer in 28 years to win a world title from an American in the USA when he beat Shawn Porter for the IBF welterweight title in August.

His state of disbelief lasted beyond one night.

"I remember going back to the hotel and Barry Hearn straight away got bottles of champagne and there was a party going on.

"I'd just won the world title, but I remember just sneaking off, grabbing my partner Lindsay and going back to the room.

"I remember staying up two or three days after, I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared if I went to sleep and wake up it would all have been a dream."

Barry Hearn and Eddie Hearn
Barry Hearn (left) wasn't laughing after being floored by his son, Eddie (right)

Court of Sport

Clare's guests take on a series or guilty or not guilty questions.

Have you ever stood someone up on a date?

Brook: "I've stood a few up. I just didn't fancy going. I know it's bad but I am guilty of it. "

What film makes you cry?

Brook: The Green Mile.

Hearn: The Champ, a boxing film.

O'Driscoll: Lots of things. I don't know, I think Sophie's Choice.

Have you ever had a fight with a relative or team-mate?

Hearn on stepping into the ring with his son, Eddie: "He dropped me twice in the second round, my wife was screaming at me 'If you hurt my boy!'.

"I was 48, he was 16. That was the last time I had a set of gloves on.

"I couldn't fight much myself, I liked fighting but I just wasn't very good at it and I've not put gloves on since and I won't be going through it again."

You can watch the third show in the series on Friday, 18 April at 22:00 BST on BBC Two.

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