The day's best sport stories from BBC Sport's fringes

'Welcome to 1996'

Here's a look at some of the stories from the fringes of BBC Sport.

Today we meet a time-travelling former Manchester United defender, a techno-spinning snooker world champion, bring you some incredible ball skills - oh, and Taylor Swift...

Who remembers Britpop?

Burnley defender Michael Keane says he thought it was 1996 when he woke up after being concussed during his side's recent win over Rotherham. He either has vivid recollections of being aged three, or has always regretted being too young to see Oasis play Knebworth.

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Ouch of the day

What's supposed to happen here is the two batsmen run past each other, to the wicket at the opposite end of the pitch, scoring a run in the process. But as Zimbabwe's Hamilton Masakadza knows, it doesn't always happen like that.

Skills to pay the bills

Match of the Day kickabout
Match of the Day Kickabout viewer Sam shows us how it's done

Kicking three footballs in a row through a basketball hoop at the other end of your garden? Easy.

WATCH: Check out these unbelievable skills from Match of the Day Kickabout viewer.

If cat-like agility is more your thing, have a look at these incredible catches from the World Twenty20 tournament:

WATCH: Stunning catch in Oman v Ireland game

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'It's out and out techno. Four beats a bar and BUFF! BUFF! BUFF!'

The Crucible attracts a different crowd these days

When he dominated snooker in the 1980s, his unshifting game-face saw Steve Davis cruelly given the nickname 'Interesting'. But he really, really is. How many other six-time world champions have you seen DJing at a massive weekender?

LISTEN: Snooker legend to techno DJ

'He's like the Cristiano Ronaldo of Sarcelles'

Mahrez shirts
Riyad Mahrez's popularity is growing

Riyad Mahrez's hometown hairdresser in France has been giving BBC World Service the lowdown:

"I have a lot of clients now that come because of Riyad. They come from Lille, from Belgium, from everywhere! I know all of his hair, all of the strands. He always changes his hairdo. If he changes his hair, people copy him. If he puts a line in his hair, people put a line in too."

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Now what you hear is not a test

Watch John Barnes perform Rapper's Delight

John Barnes used to be a handy footballer back in the day. He also made a name for himself as a sometime-rapper too - featuring on the Anfield Rapexternal-link and England's 1990 World Cup song with New Order.external-link He's not lost any of those skills, we can report. Here he is performing The Sugarhill Gang classic Rapper's Delight.

It's the future of motor racing

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift: Murray Walker is a big fan, apparently

"We think we will sell every ticket that we have got and it is because of the combination of both Formula 1 and Taylor Swift." Not a phrase you hear every day. But after trying DRS and changing tyre technology to drum up support, F1 bosses in the US have decided what they were really missing was a 10-time Grammy award winner.

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Nice hair, Phil

Our chief football writer, Phil McNulty, staged a live Q&A following Liverpool's Europa League win over Manchester United on Thursday. There were lots of questions about the game asked and answered. But Phil's furry hood left some wondering if he was sporting a mullet.

WATCH: Phil McNulty Q&Aexternal-link

Can a 23-year-old run a football club?

child in a suit
Some may have judged David Sharpe too quickly when he was appointed to the role (DISCLAIMER: This is not David Sharpe)

Football's youngest chairman, Wigan's David Sharpe, seems to be doing pretty well so far.

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And finally...

A dog dressed in a Mets uniform
The sports fashion conscious dog would be in with a shout of the big prize

With this year's edition of the world-famous Crufts dog show under way, that naturally got us thinking: which sports personality has the best dog. See if you agree with this list.

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