Aboriginal Australian rules players demand end to racial abuse

Paddy Ryder
Paddy Ryder is a ruckman for Port Adelaide Power

Aboriginal players from Australian rules football's AFL have written an open letter to the sport's fans calling for an end to racial abuse.

It comes after Port Adelaide Power's Paddy Ryder and Adelaide Crows player Eddie Betts were racially abused during a match at Adelaide Oval on Saturday.

In the letter, the AFL players' indigenous advisory board said it had "had enough".

"Racial vilification has been a part of our game for too long," it added.

"That both Eddie and Patrick were abused because of the colour of their skin is absolutely unacceptable."

The latest incident follows a Port Adelaide Power member being banned after she was filmed throwing a banana at Betts last year.

"These are more than just words and the impact these slurs have on the player, their family, their children and their community is profound," continued the statement.

"There's no room in our game for any form of vilification, whether it's based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

"Anyone who thinks that this is an acceptable way to act is no football fan."

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