Chelsea's Christian Pulisic praises bravery of Libyan fan

By Morad DakhilFootball Writer, Libya
Mohammed Al-Arabi
Mohammed Al-Arabi has helped set-up the Chelsea fan club in Libya

A young Libyan Chelsea fan who nearly lost his life saving a man from drowning has been shocked with a message from Christian Pulisic.

Mohammed Al-Arabi was on a beach near the Libyan capital Tripoli recently when he heard someone in distress and rushed into the sea to help him.

However once the person was rescued Al-Arabi himself was nowhere to be found and was eventually dragged from the sea after a 20 minute search.

Al-Arabi was rushed to hospital where he spent 24 hours in a coma before eventually making a full recovery, as did the man he saved.

"You are brave and deserve to be described as a hero or a legend," Chelsea and USA midfielder Pulisic said in a video sent to Al-Arabi.

"You saved a stranger from drowning, your behaviour in this situation is impressive, you really deserve to be described as a legend, I wish you the best."

Al-Arabi, who is also one of the pioneers of Chelsea fan club in Libya, admits he was surprised to hear from Pulisic.

"What Pulisic did is surprising and I didn't think that my actions would get such attention from the club that I have supported since I was a child," he told BBC Sport Africa.

"I love Chelsea very much and I try to go to their matches whenever circumstances allow me to travel.

"I'm not lying when I say Chelsea are the best thing for me in life - my friends tease me that I exaggerate my support, but this has made me love this club even more and more and."

He says the message from the Chelsea star has also inspired him to help more people.

"Pulisic's words have not only raised my spirits but also urged me to do more to help others," Al-Arabi continued.

"Life is simple, and when you see a star encouraging a simple person it is a great incentive for many people to do help in such situations.

"I have to thank everyone who saved my life and the life of the other person, whose name I do not know, and everyone who supported me in this difficult experience."

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