Seattle's Marshawn Lynch feeds media with repeated line again

Watch as Marshawn Lynch refuses to play ball with the media - again

A day after repeating one line 29 times in a Super Bowl news conference, Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch answered media questions with 11 variations of: "You know why I'm here."

On Tuesday, his mantra was: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

The 28-year-old running back, also known as "Beast Mode", repeated the trick on Wednesday.

The former Buffalo Bills player has previously been fined for violating the NFL's media policy.

US media reported he could be fined again for following this week's appearances, but this time for wearing a hat with a "Beast Mode" logo.

Cat videos or dog videos. Marshawn?

The only time he had a different answer was when he was asked what music he would listen to before facing the New England Patriots on Sunday at the Super Bowl.

He said: "New song. Marshawn. You know why I'm here.''

On Wednesday, several reporters tried to lure the player into answering differently by asking questions about his charity work.

But when this was met by variations of the same answer, the media started asking joke questions.

After the third identical retort, one journalist asked: "Marshawn, after the Super Bowl last year you went to Brazil, did a clinic in Brazil, worked really well with the kids, you've become kind of an idol in Brazil. Can you give a message to the kids you worked with back then?"

Lynch gives same answer 29 times on Tuesday

He replied: "You know why I'm here"

The reporter added: "No, I don't know why you're here, can you help me out?"

The next journalist tried to get a rise out of Lynch by asking him: "Marshawn, why do you feel like you don't have to do what every other player in the NFL is contractually bound to do?"

But it was met with the same response.

Growing increasingly frustrated, one reporter asked: "Marshawn, do you still prefer cat videos to dog videos?"

He replied: "You know why I'm here."

On Tuesday, the charade ended when Lynch's mobile phone went off and he shouted "Time".

Wednesday's performance ended when another alarm went off, external-linkthe player walking off after telling reporters: "Thank you, I appreciate it."

Sports Illustrated reported external-linkLynch has already been fined $100,000 for refusing to speak to the media after games and has been fined twice this season for making an inappropriate gesture after touchdowns.

The Seahawks play New England Patriots in the NFL showpiece in Arizona on Sunday and hundreds of reporters from around the world were at the Arizona Grand Hotel to speak to players from both sides.

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