'Unfinished business in Argentina but a magnificent legacy'

Sergio AgueroImage source, Getty Images
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Tim Vickery, South American football expert

There were still a couple of things to cross off on Aguero's list of things to do. One was to round off his career where it all started, at Independiente in Argentina.

When Independiente sold him to Atletico Madrid, they entirely rebuilt the stadium on the proceeds and it was always a dream of Aguero himself and of the club's fans that he would one day come back and play in the house he built So scratch that one, it seems.

The other one is another World Cup with Argentina because there are a couple of little holes in a fabulous career. One is the Champions League and the other is a great tournament. He did win the Copa America in the middle of the year - but he was a reserve, he hardly got on the field in the knockout stages and he didn't score.

Although he scored 42 goals for Argentina - and only two men have scored more, Gabriel Batistuta and Lionel Messi - he never truly had a great tournament and quite often come the end-of-season showpieces he was dragging his weary carcass around the field.

Maybe it is a shame Pep Guardiola didn't get his hands on him earlier because the best tournament he played was the last World Cup in Russia, where Argentina were otherwise an absolute shambles.

Now they are the best team they have been since he started playing for them, it would have been lovely for him to have one last go at the World Cup in a year's time.

It is not a moment of his choosing but what a legacy he has left us and what a magnificent player he has been.

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