Klopp on Chelsea, transfers & Robertson

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Carl Woodward, BBC Radio Merseyside

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been speaking to the media before Saturday's match against Chelsea at Anfield.

Here are the key lines from his news conference:

  • Klopp said he doesn't expect to be busy in the final four days of the transfer window but that "you never know";

  • He added: “There are so many different ways to win a football game, it’s not all about bringing in new players";

  • On Chelsea, Klopp said he expects a very difficult game for both teams, there isn’t an easy way through either defence as they’re both very organised, it will be a big fight and, if he wasn’t involved, it’s a game he would 100% watch;

  • Andy Robertson is fit to return. And, on the battle for that left-back spot, he added: “There is no battle, players don’t battle each other, it’s about who is in shape and who is playing the position in which way";

  • On Georginio Wijnaldum’s absence, Klopp said they miss him on the pitch and in the dressing room, but there is no "gap";

  • On Thomas Tuchel, Klopp said he has been “absolutely exceptional” and added that he didn’t have any doubts that he would have a massive impact - but Tuchel himself probably didn’t think he would have done so well so quickly.