Will City deliver GCSE chemistry lesson?

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Mike Minay, BBC Radio Manchester

Remember at GCSE level, you were taught about how different elements reacted in water? Lithium would barely do anything, cesium would kick off.

Well, I'd expect Manchester City's reaction to their Leipzig defeat to be more lithium than cesium.

And if you're wondering why I'm thinking down these lines, well Oleksandr Zinchenko spoke several times on Tuesday night about a "reaction".

Yes, the Blues were disappointed, but in an empty stadium with a much-changed team - some getting important minutes into their legs - it doesn't need a massive reaction.

The only thing is, I remember very little from GCSE chemistry - about as much as I remember of the Leipzig game.

City still played the Manchester City way. They created chances that on another day they might finish. It did leave everyone feeling flat, but I'm sure the Etihad can keep itself warm on a cold December day by getting behind the team.

I'll be alongside former Blues midfielder Lee Croft for this one, with our coverage starting at 12:00 GMT on BBC Radio Manchester

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