Everton 3-1 Burnley - Dyche reaction

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Burnley boss Sean Dyche tells BBC Sport: "We are quite a wise group and the know you have to make it happen. We had a mad six minutes which cost us. We did not respond to their leveller and it killed our performance. A lot of it was right.

"The challenge you have in football is that you are searching for the first win but if you come off it a little bit, give the ball away cheaply and they score. The yardages are important when you are on top, you keep up the pressure.

"Last year home and away form changed, we kept the stadium quiet but our group is wise enough to know fans change quickly. That is part of being in the Premier League.

"Last season we had injuries and were stretched. The performances are not far away but the margins are tight. We are performing well as a team but we cannot keep having a soft 10 minutes against Brighton and a soft six minutes here."