Godlie Sayers targets the podium at World Championships

Goldie Sayers believes she can improve and reach a podium position at the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea in September.

The 29-year-old javelin thrower is one of Great Britian's best hopes of a medals at the championships.

"I've been very consistent which is crucial in qualifying rounds," she told BBC Look East.

"There's a bit more in the tank and a few technical changes I can make to really put in a special performance."

One of her best performances on a world stage came during Beijing 2008 Olympics, where the Newmarket-born athlete came fourth with a personal best of 65.75m.

However, the world's top three throwers; Czech Barbora Spotakova, Germany's Christina Obergfoll and Russia's Maria Abakumova will all be competing in the World Championships and have all achieved throws of more than three-and-a-half metres ahead of Sayers' personal best.

"The top three in the world are out on their own," she added.

"But I think putting on the best display I can and controlling everything I can, I'm sure I'll give most of the world a run for their money."

Sayers, who trains in Cambridge, has won the UK National Championships eight consecutive times - a record in the 130-year history of the AAA Championships.

"I like pressure situations and throw my best with a lot of adrenaline."

"I never throw a long way in training, its always in competition with that competitive spirit."