London 2012: Lee Merrien yet to decide which marathon he will run

Lee Merrien
Merrien must run the 'A' standard to be considered for London 2012

Guernsey marathon runner Lee Merrien is yet to decide which race he will run in his bid to qualify for next summer's Olympics in London.

The 32-year-old, who ran at this summer's World Championships, has yet to get the Olympic 'A' qualifying mark of of two hours and 12 minutes.

"I'll set a date shortly before Christmas," Merrien told BBC Guernsey.

"Once I know what that'll be, I'll be working full steam ahead for that to achieve the time that I need."

Merrien must run the 'A' qualifying standard as compatriot Scott Overall has already got the required time.

Overall, along with Paul Radcliffe and Mara Yamauchi, have already secured their place at the Games and Merrien is hopeful he can join them.

"I'll run a marathon in the spring," he said. "I don't know which one yet.

"I know exactly where I stand with it and I did do before those selections were made.

"Those selections were pretty straightforward so there's a number of people still in the mix and I'm one of those people."

And Merrien has not ruled out April's London Marathon as his race to try and make the Olympic qualifying standard.

"London is a fast course and one that I may well end up doing but you're looking for a course that's not just fast, but one that will have a good, strong field.

"When running on your own for 26 miles, it is a lot harder to achieve a fast time than if you were running in a group or with pace-makers.

"The organisation of the event is all important. As an athlete in the elite field you get drink privileges so you can put your own drinks out and those are all little things which make up an important part of your race preparation and race strategy," he added.