Lynsey Sharp: Scottish athlete in Twitter row over Glasgow silver

Athlete Lynsey Sharp
Lynsey Sharp had been on a hospital drip less than 24 hours before she won silver in the 800m in Glasgow

English 5,000m runner Andy Vernon has apologised to Scotland's Lynsey Sharp after a Twitter row over her winning silver in the Commonwealth Games 800m.

Sharp, 24, finished second in Glasgow on Friday, less than a day after being on a hospital drip because of illness.

Vernon was critical of her reaction to her performance in several comments on the social media website.

But later Vernon, 28, apologised and tweeted:external-link "What started as a joke got out of hand."

After Sharp had written that she planned to buy a Chanel handbag after winning a medal, Vernon said she should "mention it now and again".

But the Scot retorted: "It's not my fault cross country doesn't get quite as much publicity."

The pair then exchanged insults on the social media website, including Sharp referring to Vernonexternal-link as "Andy Vermin".

Sharp and Vernon's exchange on Twitter
Sharp: "Just remembered I promised myself a Chanel handbag if I won a medal."
Vernon "You won a medal? You should mention it now and again."
Sharp: "It's not my fault cross-country doesn't get quite as much publicity."
Vernon: "Self-publicity isn't quite the same. And I don't use a drip to get my medals."
Sharp: "Andy Vermin, I had 5ml of fluid through a drip, about the same volume as one tear I just cried looking at your performances."
Vernon: "It's not about who's better. It's about how you use Twitter. Be proud of your medal. You just don't need to tell us every day."
Vernon (later): "I will formally apologise to Lynsey Sharp when I see her, but for now please accept my apologies. What started as a joke got out of hand."