Greg Rutherford: DNA analysis 'helps me make better decisions'

Greg Rutherford jumps
Greg Rutherford is the reigning world, Olympic, Commonwealth and European champion

Olympic and world long-jump champion Greg Rutherford says DNA analysis is helping him to "make better decisions" about his training programme.

A study by the University of Central Lancashire found that using DNA-matched training could enhance athletes' performance.external-link

"For me it was a fascinating experiment," Rutherford told BBC Radio 5 live's Stephen Nolan programme.

"It helps guide you on the way where you may not know."

The DNA analysis presents users with a detailed report based on their body's response to particular types of training and nutrition.

Rutherford, who is also the reigning Commonwealth and European champion, has been incorporating the genetically guided information into his training for the 2016 since Olympics since February.

"I do a lot of things like running hills and larger amounts of reps in the gym," he explained. "The DNA showed I have a level of endurance in me which I never really realised, which makes sense.

"It helps you make clear, informed decisions based on what your DNA make-up is showing you, and it shows that following what your make-up is saying is a good path to go down."

You can hear the full interview on BBC 5 live's Stephen Nolan programme.