Jessica Ennis-Hill: Inside 'Super Saturday' at London 2012

London Stadium
The Olympic Stadium was filled to 80,000 capacity for the second night of athletics action at London 2012
Heroes of Super Saturday: Jess, Mo & Greg
Sunday 30 July 22:30 BST, BBC One.

It could not be any other date really.

This summer's World Championships begin on 4 August, five years to the day since Great Britain's Midas touch turned a red, white and blue London Stadium gold.

In the space of 45 heady minutes, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah won Olympic titles in the heptathlon, long jump and 10,000m respectively.

For the thousands in the stadium and millions watching on television, it was an endless carousel of cheers, grins and hometown glory.

But what was Super Saturday like for those at the heart of the action, bearing a nation's hopes?

Before Sunday's Heroes of Super Saturday programme on BBC One, Ennis-Hill explains the private moments and secret stresses of an unforgettable evening in 2012.

05:00 BST

Jessica Ennis-Hill meets the Duchess of Cambridge
Jessica Ennis-Hill met the Duchess of Cambridge at the athletes' village in the days before her event got under way

"The alarm went off at 05:00 BST.

"There was a maybe a half-second of slumber, but I find when there is something I have to do I come round quite quickly.

"The realisation hit me that this was one of the biggest days of my life.

"After the recovery, warm-down and physio from the first day's competition I had had about five hours' sleep. It felt like I had only just put my head on the pillow.

"But I had to be up early to get my breakfast down and digested and prepare for the long jump, which started at 10:05 BST.

"I took a couple of steps out of bed and realised my body was aching everywhere.

"I expected to feel general soreness, but I wondered how I was going to cope as I was struggling to walk to the shower, my muscles stiff and sore.

"Being up so early I missed seeing my team-mates face to face that morning in the corridor of the athletes' village, but they had left me a load of good luck messages on my door.

"It was probably for the best because I did not want any distractions."

09:00 BST

Archive: Jessica Ennis and coach Toni Minichello in training in 2011

"The first two events that day were the long jump, which just hadn't been clicking at my pre-Games training camp in Portugal, and the javelin, the event that had cost me in the 2011 World Championships.

"I was determined not to throw it away by getting down on any one discipline though.

"My coach Toni Minichello was really businesslike that morning, talking me through the little things to focus on and, on the mental side, just assuring me that he and the rest of the team were all rooting for me."

10:30 BST

Ennis-Hill midway through her third, final and best attempt at the London 2012 long jump

"I knew the long jump could be the deal-breaker.

"My first jump of 5.95m was more than half a metre down on my personal best - but when I landed 6.48m on my final attempt, I knew that was a really solid jump.

"The other girls were not jumping at their very best and I was buzzing."

12:00 BST

Jessica Ennis-Hill
Ennis-Hill's javelin throw was the 10th best in the competition, but gave her a commanding lead heading into the evening session

"After I threw a personal best 47.49m in the javelin, I had such a lead that I would have to do something really stupid to mess it up.

"As I walked back through the stadium I spotted my masseur Derry Suter. He gave me this really excited look. I was feeling the same inside, but neither of us wanted to get carried away and say anything out loud.

"I could feel I was about to cry. I managed to keep my composure but I was so excited.

"Gold was so close I could almost touch it."

14:00 BST

Jessica Ennis-Hill
Ennis-Hill had a lead of 188 points over her nearest challenger heading into the final event

"I just wanted to go straight out and get the 800m over and done with after that but the final event of the hepathlon was not until the evening session.

"I could have gone back to the athletes' village like most of the heptathletes. But I couldn't face the dining hall and the prospect of people telling me that I already had it won.

"Instead, as the crowds disappeared and cleaners picked up litter in the stands, I stayed down in the depths of London Stadium.

"It was really quiet. There were only a few other heptathletes who had done the same as me and hung around. It was a moment of calm after all the noise and pressure.

"I had something to eat, had a nap and chatted with a few of my team.

"The organisers only give you a certain number of passes for your coaches and they are quite strict. But Toni, Derry and my javelin coach Mick Hill kept swapping them about, taking it in turns to come and keep me company.

"It felt like the longest break ever."

18:00 BST

Toni Minichello
Toni Minichello coached Ennis-Hill from the age of 13

"The rest of the heptathlon field started coming back in dribs and drabs. I could feel their nerves and mine started ramping up again.

"I headed down to the warm-up track and I could see the stadium filling up on the big screens overlooking it and hear the noise increase inside.

"It is the most nerve-racking feeling, especially when you have the 800m to come - an event where you know that you are going to put yourself through a lot of physical pain.

"Toni was pretty chilled. He didn't give me a deep, motivational pep talk, he just gave me a little pat on the back and told me to go for it. He is a man of few words sometimes, but we have worked together since I was 13 and that was all that was needed.

"Then I had to walk to the call room on my own."

20:55 BST

Jessica Ennis-Hill
The 800m is the final event of the heptathlon

"It was just waiting, waiting and waiting and the nerves building more and more.

"I had a 15-second advantage on my nearest rival, but also knew that anything can happen in the chaos of the 800m.

"There have been races where girls' shoes have fallen off and it was all over for them.

"You check everything - that your kit is how you need it to be, your shoes are tied right, your hair is tight. You don't want the tiniest distraction, the smallest excuse.

"Finally I was on my way to the startline."

21:00 BST

"I prefer frontrunning - to go out hard and get into a rhythm, rather than build up in pace through a race.

"That has always been my way, but this time there was an extra incentive to get out in front of everyone and reduce the risk of a trip or fall.

"I just wanted to stay out of danger and knew I was capable of a time that would win it."

Watch the moment Ennis secures a memorable heptathlon gold

21:02 BST

"I have never been one to celebrate really, but as I came across the line my arms just came up almost through instinct.

"It was like a massive weight coming off. I felt like I had been holding my breath all through that competition.

"The number of billboards and things with my face on in the build-up to the Games had been surreal.

"British Airways had even created a huge mural with me under the flight path into Heathrow. It had become a running joke among the team as people spotted my face everywhere.

Jessica Ennis-Hill
The mural, on playing fields in Hounslow, reportedly required 600 litres of paint

"It was a huge relief that I hadn't messed up more than anything.

"Derry threw me a union jack that he had secretly been hiding in his bag, already printed up with my name and Olympic champion.

"The other heptathletes were congratulating me as we went round on a lap of honour, but it was all a bit of a blur. When something you have worked for for so long becomes reality it is a little weird."

21:10 BST

Tears of joy for gold medal winner Ennis

"As I was coming off my lap of honour I saw Mo warming up on the home straight and wished him good luck.

"You can actually see the 10,000m final lining up over my shoulder in the post-race interview that I did with the BBC Sport's Phil Jones. You can hear the crowd roar as his name is announced.

"After speaking to Phil I was going through a gauntlet of all the overseas broadcasters.

"Everyone wanted two minutes with me, it was just crazy. Somewhere along the line someone told me that Greg had won gold.

"I knew that he was competing obviously, but I was in my own bubble, still a little concerned someone was going to say I had done something wrong!

"I was watching Mo's race unfold on television screens in between interviews. I had finished the broadcast interviews and was down with the written press, just under one of the stands when he finally won."

23:30 BST

Jessica Ennis-Hill and Lord Coe
Coe had been part of the presentation team when Ennis-Hill won silver at the World Championships in Daegu the previous year

"I had seen my family to point and wave to after the medal ceremony when Lord Coe and Sir Craig Reedie presented me with my gold, but I had to go through anti-doping and more media before I finally got to speak to them.

"I jumped in a taxi and went to Team GB house in Stratford, where my agent had arranged for my mum, dad, sister, fiance Andy and the rest of the family to meet afterwards.

"My now brother-in-law Phil and his wife-to-be Margot were there. The 4 August is both of their birthdays and Phil joked that my winning gold had really outshone their day!

"I had a few glasses of champagne to celebrate, but you don't realise how tired you are until you actually stop. I was absolutely drained."

02:00 BST

"It was a strange moment when I got back to the athletes' village and shut that door in that little room and was on my own again.

"I had looked on social media and it was overwhelming the number and variety of people who had congratulated me.

Nick CleggKate Nash tweetJack Whiteihall

"There were so many random celebrities, people from different walks of life and people from my past - I wish now I had favourited them all so I could look back.

"But there were just so many and so much to do that I didn't manage to.

"I went back to sleep in that same bed almost 24 hours after I had got up, but this time with a gold medal lying right beside me."

Jessica Ennis-Hill was speaking to BBC Sport's Mike Henson.

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