Eilish McColgan & Michael Rimmer unhurt after 'horrible' car crash in Delhi

Eilish McColgan
McColgan finished 10th with a personal best time in the 5,000 at the World Championships in Doha

Britain's Eilish McColgan has described how she was involved in a "horrible" taxi crash during a holiday in Delhi.

The 28-year-old, who retained her Great South Run title last weekend, was travelling with partner Michael Rimmer.

She said a car cut across them on the motorway and "within seconds" they were "surrounded by angry men threatening to kill" their driver.

McColgan praised the driver, saying "his quick reactions on the brake saved us from it being much worse".

But she said the driver of the other vehicle suffered what appeared to be serious injuries, adding: "I'll honestly never forget seeing the driver climb out of his car - there was blood everywhere. We were all shivering in shock, not sure what to do."

The Scottish athlete, a two-time Olympian and European 5,000m silver medallist, said the crash left them "in the middle of nowhere, with no phone charge and no data".

"I have no idea how, but both Michael, the taxi driver and myself got out the car unharmed. The other vehicle flipped," she added.

McColgan revealed that she and fellow athlete Rimmer, a European 800m silver medallist, were saved by an "Indian man who spoke a little English" who "told us to get in his car and he would keep us safe. He drove us to a tiny hotel and let us sit in the stairway above a shop".

Writing on social media,external-link McColgan explained: "Police officers turned up and told us the only option was to get a local night bus to Agra. We boarded the bus, crammed in with 30 other people, holding our luggage for over four hours to Agra. I can't explain the relief of seeing our hotel at 5am this morning.

"Part of us wanted to get on the next flight home, but another part doesn't want one bad experience to ruin the opportunity to make some amazing memories in this incredible country! The stranger who helped us to safety reminded us that there are a lot of good eggs in this world! We will be forever grateful for his kindness."

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