Wilson Kipsang: Kenyan provisionally suspended for tampering and whereabouts failures

Wilson Kipsang celebrates a victory
Wilson Kipsang is the sixth-fastest marathon runner in history

Two-time London Marathon winner Wilson Kipsang has been charged for 'whereabouts failures' and 'tampering' by the Athletics Integrity Unit.

The 37-year-old Kenyan is now banned from competing until his hearing has taken place.

Kipsang - the London 2012 marathon bronze medallist - has also won the Berlin, New York and Tokyo marathons.

His management stressed he has not failed a drugs test and added: "No prohibited substance was found."

Volare Sports added: "The accusation regarding alleged/attempted tampering concerns an explanation that was given in the results management process regarding a possible Whereabouts Failure and does not concern tampering with a doping test itself."

Kipsang is the sixth fastest marathon runner in history, with a personal best of two hours three minutes and 13 seconds.

The AIU - founded by World Athletics to combat doping in 2017 - confirmed Kipsang's suspension for "whereabouts failures" and "tampering or attempted tampering".

Under anti-doping regulations, athletes have to inform testing authorities of their whereaboutsexternal-link for a one hour window of every day.

Three failures in 12 months - not being present at the said time, or filing inaccurate or incomplete information, counts as one failure - leads to an automatic ban.

On its website, the Athletics Integrity Unit says it "will be taking a more stringent approach to whereabouts requirements in 2020".

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