Meet Nikki - This is her #BodyPositive story

BodyPositive will be following the journey of people just like us in our series of real life stories.

We'll be hearing honest, heart warming accounts from young people as they share their innermost feelings in the pursuit of being #BodyPositive. And in doing so we hope you feel like you can share your story too.

Nikki is 18. She's at university studying to be a mental health nurse.

Nikki has spent many of her teenage years struggling with body image. She self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts. Helped by her school and GP, she sought treatment for mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

According to the charity Young Minds, young people are often affected by poor body image. This can be due to changes taking place during adolescence and images in the media of what the perceived 'perfect' body should be. While many teenagers can be affected by these issues, those with pre-existing mental health issues may find it even harder to cope with.

This is Nikki's story.

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