BodyPositive: Meet Kate - This is her story

BodyPositive will be following the journey of people just like us in our series of real life stories.

We'll be hearing honest, heart warming accounts from young people as they share their innermost feelings in the pursuit of being #BodyPositive. And in doing so we hope you feel like you can share your story too.

Kate is 23. She's a science technician, has a Level 3 certificate in counselling and psychology and is a mum of one. She is also a recovering bulimic.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder and mental health condition.

People who have bulimia are in a cycle to control their weight by severely restricting the amount of food they eat, then binge eating and purging the food from their body by making themselves vomit, using laxatives or diuretics.

Everyone has their own eating habits however people suffering from eating disorders tend to use their habits and behaviours to cope with emotional distress, and often have an abnormal or unrealistic fear of food, calories and being fat.

The NHS claims recent studies suggest that as many as 8% of women have bulimia at some stage in their life. The condition affects both genders and can occur at any age, but mainly affects women aged between 16 and 40.

This is her story.

If you are affected by this story please see the links below for help and advice.