The man who beat Frampton and Quigg

Belfast man Ryan Lindberg, who defeated both Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg during their amateur careers, believes his fellow Northern Ireland man will win Saturday's world title bout in Manchester.

Lindberg earned a points win over current IBF super-bantamweight title Frampton in the 2005 Ulster Amateur Finals and then repeated that victory in the 2007 Irish Amateur semi-finals.

In between his two wins over Frampton, Lindberg defeated current WBA champion Quigg at a multi-nations tournament in Liverpool in 2006.

"If you want me to tell you who is going to win, it's Carl Frampton," said Lindberg, 27, who fought in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

"Carl can change the fight. Scott Quigg can't. Frampton will win on points."

Asked about his memories of his bout with Quigg, Lindberg joked: "I hate saying this but he was good at blocking with his face."

Lindberg, who intends to return to amateur boxing in the coming season after nearly five years away from the sport, now works for a packaging company.

"I'm still in professional boxing," laughed Lindberg, who won the 2007 Irish amateur bantamweight title in addition to five straight Ulster titles.

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