Profile: Roy Hodgson

Multi-lingual, a good listener and a surprise choice for arguably the biggest job in British sport - manager of the England football team.

Roy Hodgson has coached football teams in eight different countries during a career which has lasted 36 years. Some say he is bereft of ego and a gentleman; others say he can be as passionate and defensive as the rest.

A great lover of literature, he is said to have read the works of nearly every Nobel prize winner - not intimidated by taking on the works of foreign authors, either.

For Radio 4's Profile, Jerry Northam looks at the life of a man friends say has a complex character - on one hand obsessed with football, on the other never happier than when away from the game.

This edition of Radio 4's Profile was first broadcast Saturday, 6 May 2012. You can download the programme via the Profile podcast.

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